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Las Vegas, NV

            The rumors are in and while the future of the NFL for the 2020 season is currently unknown, plans for the 2021 NFL Draft are already underway as a contingency to see just what might happen and how the futures of several young men will be affected by the coronavirus and its effects. Many were appalled at the idea of using a Playstation game to determine just who will be able to claim which spot in the 2021 draft but several gamers are quite ecstatic for it as the tournament will be held entirely online and will be able to be viewed by anyone willing to pay $29.99 for the opportunity.

            Entry fees for each gamer have been waved in favor of invites that selected gamers will receive based on several factors that will determine just who gets invited to the tournament. The expected number of contestants is slated at roughly 250 with only 50 of them capable of winning prizes while the rest will be pared down once the tournament begins. TechNo Gaming Systems, a new company that’s been in business since 2017, is funding the tournament and will be sending out those invites within the next month to gamers that have acquired a notable standing across multiple platforms.

            “I fully expect to be invited,” said gaming wunderkind Mike “The Stunner” Diplinksi “I’ve mastered so many different sporting games since I was like 5 that I can’t even get my friends to play me anymore. I went pro with eSports a while back, like when I was still 14, you know? I have all the faith that I’ll be the one to dominate this thing.”

            Mike, who is 16 at this time, is expected to be joined by a host of other serious and hardcore gamers that will end up determining the NFL Draft for 2021, if things don’t turn around eventually.

@GimmetheRock tweeted:

            Yay to the eSports nerds and all for another chance to earn money to do nothing but twiddle their thumbs basically, but if the NFL allows this then seriously, they’re no longer worth watching.

@TotheHouse tweeted:

            Anyone else sick of eSports? It’s a video game, not a sport.

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