Lawsuit claims sheriff threatened to arrest teen if she didn't delete  COVID-19 social media posts

Dallas, TX

            At this time it sounds as though even mentioning the possibility of the coronavirus being in a certain area might be dangerous, as local teen Jerome Donicya found out. The high school senior has been making it loud and clear that despite the protests and the fact that people still want to go out and congregate the virus has not yet been dismissed as a threat and is still very real. While some people have taken to calling him out as a government stooge and have even threatened violence, one officer nearly hauled Jerome in on one occasion when the teen continued to warn people online of the continuing presence of the disease.

            “I think people should know that they’re still in danger,” said Jerome during a brief interview, “I also don’t think it’s any of the police’s business that I’m telling them. Unless I start a riot or like the cop’s said I was actually ‘inciting a panic’ using my Twitter account, then it’s none of their business. I still have freedom of speech and I’m using mine to make people aware.”

            The incident came when Jerome was reported to the police by a protester that was attempting to rally others to her cause to open local businesses and end the lock down. While Jerome’s original tweet was taken down he did double down and replied with:

@JeromeDIY tweeted:

            The same folks that are demanding we end the lock down are the ones that were all for people staying at home at one point….let that sink in.

            While police could do nothing more than warn Jerome that his rhetoric could land him in trouble with others, they were adamant that if someone reported anything concerning hate speech or the attempt to incite a riot that he could be found liable. To date Jerome has not taken down the tweet or retracted it in any way.

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