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Pittsburgh, PA

            Thanks to the coronavirus many schools have been effectively shut down, including traditional college courses. This has facilitated a humongous need for professors and other faculty to take to teaching their material online via several different platforms that currently exist to grant students the ability to continue their studies so that the disruption is minimal and doesn’t interfere with various programs. Unfortunately there are a few bugs that need to be worked out, and a list of procedures that should probably be heeded when teaching online.

            “I was sitting down and didn’t think that there would be any need to wear a lot of clothing,” said Myra Longlygg, a teacher at Northern University, “I had all my materials set and everything should have gone according to plan. My workspace, what the students could see anyway, was all sorted and didn’t look messy, and I had on a nice blouse and an undershirt that wasn’t revealing at all. But unfortunately while attempting to give a lecture to my first-year psychology students I was running on autopilot and didn’t even think when the doorbell rang. I just got up, and next thing you know my students found out that I hadn’t fully prepared for class at all. I got a serious lecture from my department head for that one.”

            The image of Myra’s undergarments thankfully did not circulate around the internet as her students, uncharacteristically for college kids, did not take advantage of the moment. However the head of her department, who gave us a brief statement concerning her admonishment, did state that Myra is currently being monitored to show that she will be adhering to the rules concerning her wardrobe from now on.

@AhLawdy tweeted:

            An entire college class went without sharing their psych professor’s underpants online? What is this world coming to???

@Homina88 tweeted:

            Did we time warp back to the 1940s or something? That’s the only explanation I can think, of the kids were just too shocked to see a woman’s underpants to do anything.

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