Emotional wedding haka brings New Zealand bride to tears: See the video

Santa Barbara, CA

            Many private gatherings are often deemed worthy of enough respect that any naysayers are bound to steer clear and voice their opinions later on, when it’s considered wise if not fully appropriate, but one individual by the name of Galen Dedmon was heavily criticized when he allowed his opinion to be known. The gathering in question was the wedding that saw the daughter of a family friend to Dedmon marrying a New Zealand resident by the name of Jacob Wilson. As it was observed during the ceremony, several of Wilson’s relatives and friends, as well as the friends and family of his bride, Haley Temoc, were invited to stand up and perform a special haka, a ceremonial dance that can also be used as a challenge in other conditions.

            “I thought it was in poor taste to have the white folks get up and do the haka, even if they were invited to do so,” Dedmon said in an interview, “It’s cultural appropriation even if someone invites you to do it, and they looked ridiculous sticking their tongues out and chanting in some language they didn’t understand. Then when it was all over and the men were touching foreheads I was almost offended again as it looked as though they were going to kiss. Thankfully they didn’t, but I was appalled at this nonetheless. If it’s not your culture, you have no business engaging in the act.”

            Not long after making his point to any who would listen Galen was apparently asked to leave and was even called out for being a bigot by some, as well as narrow-minded by others. While Dedmon, who is a columnist for the Daily Rag, a tabloid located in Santa Barbara, went on to publish his own thoughts on the matter later on he was forced to take the piece down when members of Wilson’s family were offended in turn by his less than reputable description of the ‘savage war dance’ and the ‘white people posing as natives’. At this time the understanding is that Dedmon has been suspended from his place of employment and is currently looking for a new job.

@GeeWhizzy tweeted:

            This is why cultural appropriation, racist, sexist, and any other negative connotations don’t matter any longer, because they’re used in stupid ways.

@Allawhat tweeted:

            You don’t like it, fine, don’t watch, but don’t try to squash someone else’s moment. Besides the white folks were asked to join it sounds like, so it’s not appropriation.

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