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Portland, OR

            A local Portland resident by the name of Jemira Boiergir is currently attempting to push a lawsuit against Burger King after feeling that the employees disrespected them by assuming their gender. Jemira, who was wearing a t-shirt that read “Proud African-American Woman” on the front in plain sight, stated that the shirt was not to be taken at face value and that they simply liked the message it spread despite the fact that they do not conform to societal gender norms. As Jemira states:

            “I can wear anything I want since I am a non-binary, gender-fluid individual who identifies as what I want when I want. It is not up to me to educate others on how to pronounce my desired pronouns or to educate them on how to address a non-binary person. If they don’t know, then they need to brush up on the current affairs and societal changes that have been happening in recent years. But to simply assume someone’s gender by calling them ‘ma’am’ or ‘sir’ is highly insulting. Any thinking person should know to ask for someone’s preferred gender these days, not just assume.”

            In their own defense, the two Burger King employees had this to say:

            “The person is dressed as a woman, is wearing a shirt saying proud woman, with African-American on it of course. And on top of that this person was wearing makeup, had breasts, and looked for all intents and purposes like a woman. The word ‘ma’am’ is a sign of respect, or at least it used to be.”

            As of now Jemira’s case has yet to be brought before a judge, but it’s been stated, and loudly so, that they will be seeking damages in excess of $3,000 for emotional and spiritual distress. At this time the court date has yet to be set, but there will be more on this matter as it develops.

@HolyDiver22 tweeted:

            You wear a shirt saying proud woman on it, you have breasts, you wear makeup, and you actually look like a woman……am I missing something?

@IronMan99 tweeted:

            So a person should just ‘know’ to ask another person about their preferred pronouns? I might take up sign language just to skip all the nonsense from here on out.

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