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Hillsboro, OR

            Up and coming MMA fighter and 24 Hour Fitness employee Marcus Gyillespiz was arrested only a day ago on charges of trespassing when he let himself into the facility where he happens to work in order to train. The 23-year old fighter was noticed by a local that lives nearby while out on an evening stroll with their dog as Marcus had turned on several lights in the building in order to see.

            “I think he must have thought no one would notice,” said Gil Raymen, the resident who called the police, “He was in there lifting weights as far as I noticed and walking around like he owned the place. Obviously he had a key since I didn’t see any sign of forced entry at the front door, and you can see it from the street so it’s not like it was hidden. Of course he could have made his way in through the back and I wouldn’t have known.”

            Police were quick to respond to the call and had covered the exits by the time Sheriff Alan Digge rapped on the front door to get Marcus’ attention. The young fighter tried to exit through the back door but was met by one of Digge’s deputies and escorted back to the front in handcuffs. It was only after he’d been granted his phone call that word reached Marcus’ employer, who promptly terminated him following the incident apparently and demanded the key to the gym back. 24 Hour Fitness has been closed as per the order given by the governor along with every other non-essential business after all, and has been in compliance with this order ever since. Marcus is being brought up on charges of trespassing and is now awaiting his arraignment.

@DigDigDig tweeted:

            I get it man, you need to get your pump on, but ain’t no gym worth going to jail for.

@SweatItOut tweeted:

            Go running or something, or do some extra push-ups. At least then you would have still had a job to go back to you numbnut.

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