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Portland, OR

            Students from PSU were seen to gather in a heated protest earlier this week when it was announced that Michael Pedersen, a registered sex offender recently released from a Washington correctional facility, was being brought on as part of the Psychology department. When no ready explanation was given for this ‘egregious oversight’ that many couldn’t understand nearly a hundred students or more marched on the dean’s office demanding an answer as to why a convicted pedophile would be allowed on their campus. When asked, several students had a few things to say:

            “It shows that it’s all about the money and that ethics don’t matter when trash like this can find a job in the school system at any level.”

            “No, I don’t think they deserve another chance. They burned that bridge when they touched a child inappropriately.”

            There were many other students that had even more venomous words to say but upon reaching the dean’s office and nearly bowling over his receptionist in their attempt to get the answers they sought, they were halted by one very loudly stated fact. The name had been misprinted, and instead of Michael Pedersen, registered sex offender and convicted pedophile, the university was bringing on Michael Peterson, a noted name in the Washington school system and a welcome addition to the faculty at PSU. Upon finding this out many people still had questions concerning why the mixup had been made in the first place, but they were far quieter and much more hesitant than they were in their search for an answer.

            “They were embarrassed, and rightly so,” said Alyssa Markem, a student at PSU that did not take part in the riot, “It helps to get the whole explanation before you go off half-cocked and do or say something stupid. They were breaking windows, flipping over trash cans, disrupting classes, it was horrible. As of now I’m pretty sure a lot of people are either going to be expelled and charged with criminal mischief or at least just expelled. And to be fair, I don’t care, they made their choice.”

@JubbaBubba tweeted:

            The call of the liberal college student “We’re mad! We don’t know at who or for what, but we’re mad!”

@DribbleGlass43 tweeted:

            So some of us fought for the freedom to protest, but we sure as hell didn’t serve our country to allow people to be this friggin dumb, did we?

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