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It started when he began buying toys again, only this time he didn’t keep them in their boxes. Don’t ask me how it happened, or why, but he made his own money and whenever he had extra on payday he would go out and purchase at least one action figure and bring it back to his apartment. His roommate didn’t say much about it, and neither did I, but by the time we found him, I’ll get to that, he must have had about a hundred or more figures in his room, all propped up, posed, and sitting or standing on the shelves he had around his bedroom. Not a single one of them was in a box at that time and all of them had been posed in a way that made sense for their character I guess.

One would have to ask Max about that, but he didn’t let a lot of people in his room after a while. No one thought much of this, since really, who in the world wants to go into someone’s room? We had Playstation and X-Box out in the living room to take up our time, plenty of movies on Netflix and a couple of other streaming channels, and we were happy. Max though, he would laugh and joke with the rest of us, but over the last few weeks before it happened, he started acting strange.

I don’t mean he was acting out of sorts, but he would give a grunt of pain now and then, or decide to take easy for the evening because he wasn’t feeling well. A few of us asked him if he was okay, and he’d usually respond with a ‘sure’ or something along those lines since he didn’t want us to worry most likely. But we should have pressed a little harder I’m thinking, especially after I saw the state of his left leg one day when he reached down to scratch it and his pant leg slid up a bit. I didn’t think what I saw was anything but a trick of the light or something that that time, but I’m sure of it now.

His skin, even the hair, hadn’t moved like skin is supposed to when we scratch. In fact, the scratching hadn’t even sounded right. It’s crazy to think of this even now, but the sound had reminded me of the squeaky sound that’s produced when someone runs their hand along a plastic surface really quick. Yeah, it had sounded like plastic, and it had looked the same.

(to be continued)

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