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He’d thought about suicide, but it wasn’t a viable option as far as he was concerned since there was no way to tell if he was going to wake up in this time or in the 90s again, or worse, if he’d be stuck there upon waking up. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad, he’d have the knowledge of what to do, what to say, and what to avoid from that point on. There had been plenty of things that he’d screwed up in his life during that year, so maybe he would have the chance to make things right. But then again, he might just end up screwing himself even worse.

As of now he still didn’t know how the ripple effect, or the butterfly effect, hadn’t taken hold when he’d tried to change things. It was as though life was conspiring against, or with, or something, in regards to his situation when it came to leaving his life the way it was. Either the movies and stories he’d read to this point were full of shit when it came to time travel, or he was going absolutely batshit and having such vivid dreams that felt as though they lasted an entire day. He didn’t want to believe that, especially since it made him feel so horribly unstable.

But he didn’t want to go to sleep either, since he didn’t want to keep going back to that day. Someone smarter than he was might have figured out what to do by now, but he didn’t want to tell anyone about it. They’d think he was crazy and probably want him to see a shrink, or perhaps take some time off to himself and relax. He didn’t want to do either, he wanted to go on with his life and forget that this had ever happened. But until the strange effect was over and done with he wouldn’t be able to do that. Suicide still wasn’t an option, but he had to think of something, or he really would go crazy eventually.

Getting out of bed he started to think once again of ways to improve the day that had started things off back in 1996, and what he hadn’t done yet that might change things.

(to be continued)

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