Bring Out Your Dead Interview – Blessed Altar Zine

Tacoma, WA

            A local Tacoma resident by the name of Michael Hornlaw was arrested and put into protective custody yesterday after pulling a prank on his residents and several other neighborhoods that was seen in very poor taste by the majority of people affected. While driving around in his Nissan pickup Michael decided to cruise through one neighborhood after another yelling out “Bring out your dead!” in a callback to the Black Plague that decimated Europe long ago. Very few people thought this was amusing and several attempted to assault Michael as he drove by. Some even decided to throw whatever objects were at hand at his truck and his open driver’s side window.

            “He wasn’t being cute or funny,” said Marianne Yentil, another Tacoma resident, “He was hollering at the top of his voice and being absolutely obnoxious. And when people did confront him to try and get him to stop he turned nasty and started yelling at some of them that they ‘might as well get inside the truck’ because they looked sickly or about to keel over. He also came close to running down a couple of kids when he decided to berate a few people for not being able to take a joke, but thankfully their father was there to pull them off the sidewalk.”

            It was during his final run through yet another neighborhood that Michael found himself cut off and forced to backtrack, only to find that he’d been cut off from any line of escape. Before he could drive over any lawns and endanger anyone else the police thankfully arrived and arrested Michael for causing a public disturbance and later endangering the lives of two minors. It’s already been stated that Michael is being held until his arraignment and that he’ll be closely watched to insure that he gets his day in court.

@BackAtcha tweeted:

            He’s lucky he made it out of the first neighborhood. Folks are edgy enough as it is, you’d think he might have a few bullet holes in his rig for good measure.

@EdgyWedgie tweeted:

            Oh I’d get in the back of the truck, but once we stop you’d better run faster than I do….

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