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Miami, FL

            Sometimes not everyone wants to know what goes on in the bedroom, even if it might be seen as a good guide to how to keep a marriage alive. Pauline and Harold Dikswav, two local Miami residents, came up with the idea to try and share the happy and successful nature of their 4 years of marriage with other couples in an attempt to publish a book and keep people informed during these hard times as to why marriage is worth the effort. In their book they detail just how they keep things interesting and trade various sexual secrets that they believe will work with many individuals and can be altered just enough to work for anyone. Unfortunately their book, while popular with some readers, has gained a great deal of attention on social media as well.

@YumpinYaysus tweeted:

            No one wants to know how far you spread your legs or how your man folds you up like a pretzel every other night. The people you think are interested in this crap are pervs and you’re just insanely naïve.

@FoxinLox tweeted:

            Four years of marriage and you think you get to give advice? Sweets, I’ve been married for four times as long and I wouldn’t be handing out advice for anything unless someone asked.

            So far the feedback on Twitter and various other platforms has been increasingly moderate to negative with very few likes being given to the Dikswav’s account, while their book, “Keeping The Marriage Bed Hot” has sold only a couple hundred copies. At this point both Pauline and Harold are still hopeful that more people will come to see the value of their advice.

@HokeDokey tweeted:

            Next time you want to make money and give away your sexual secrets make a porno, if you’re hot enough people might actually pay.

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