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Austin, TX

            Ron and Daisy Donald were admitted for a medical emergency that their family has decided not to disclose at this time nearly a week prior, and have not been seen since. The Austin residents, who originate from different parts of the Pacific Northwest, were apparently concerned that they had contracted the COVID-19 virus and had attempted to check themselves in to be tested a week prior and have not been heard from since. While many people admit that hospitals are not allowing families to visit their loved ones for obvious reasons, it has also been seen that the hospital in question, which will remain nameless for safety reasons, is currently operating at less than full capacity.

            “I knew my mom had said they were heading in to see the doctor,” said Danny Donald, the eldest son Ron and Daisy, “But she told my siblings and I that she and our dad were just feeling under the weather and wanted to make sure it wasn’t anything serious. That was about a week ago, and we haven’t heard anything from them or from a doctor. I get that the virus is serious and we can’t visit, but wouldn’t someone reach out occasionally to let us know how things are going? Maybe that’s expecting too much, but when I drove by the hospital to see just how packed it really is I saw a very empty parking lot and a serious lack of people moving around the place. It could be that I just don’t know what to look for, but all the hype so far has been about hospitals being packed to the gills and needing extra space for more people. This place looked like a ghost town.”

            Apparently Danny attempted to enter the hospital but was told by armed security guards that no one was being allowed in unless they were a patient with an emergency. He was also rebuffed when he asked about his parents, though he was given a phone number to call if he had any questions. To this point he and his siblings have yet to find out anything about their parents.

@HoaxesandPranks tweeted:

            I wish the empty hospitals were a controversy, since no one has the kind of timing they need right now to catch a hospital during a ‘down time’, so some of it’s got to be real.

@NursewiTude tweeted:

            I am in the medical field and I can tell you that there is something going on, but for the same of my job I can’t say anything else. #emptyhospitals

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