Comedy Show - Turnberry Country Club

Kennewick, WA

            With the large number of public service announcements and performances that have been airing across the internet these days it’s not hard to imagine that someone would eventually find a way to mimic such an effort and at the same mock those that are making them. Anthony Mozaralla, a local comedian from Kennewick, decided to compile the PSA’s that were online and create a parody of several celebrities that has caught the attention of many an individual in Hollywood. With access to the type of software that allows him to expertly cut and edit his designs and videos, Anthony has created a video of his own that pulls no punches when attempting to showcase several Hollywood celebrities and how they’ve been handling the current shutdown. Unlike the PSA’s though, Anthony’s compilation video has taken from various social media sites as well, utilizing whatever clips he could find to create what he’s dubbed as his masterpiece.

            “I know a lot of people are saying that celebrities are doing what they can to cheer us up and are donating money and food and all this other stuff, but the idea that they’re continually inflating their egos is what really prompted me to get this done so quickly,” Anthony stated in his own defense, “I get it, a lot of people appreciate that they’re donating anything during these hard times, but really we only need to hear that same crap a few times and then we’ve got it. If you really want to stoke that ego then find some other way and make it entertaining at least. Or better yet, maybe some of them should brush up on their skill sets during this time since a few of them obviously need it.”

            Both the initial video and his follow-up have landed Anthony in a heap of trouble as several celebrities have filed suit against him, claiming that his words and video are damaging their reputations and that his slanderous words are in fact actionable. At this point Anthony isn’t too worried as he explains that he’s read up on the various laws concerning private online property and has been careful in adhering to the rules of various social media sites.

@BoototheHoo tweeted:

            Their reputations are at stake? Oh cry me a river you bunch of over-hyped, bored out of your skull babies!

@CelebWhack tweeted:

            They’re finally realizing that they’re not as important as they believed and it probably scares the hell out of them.

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