Best Elk Bait 2020 — Reviews And Top Picks

Gearhart, OR

            In the past month fewer and fewer tourists have been making their way down to the coastal regions due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus and as a result, these areas have been slowly noticing an odd thing. Wild animals that are normally found up in the hills, miles away from any populated area, have been making their way west into the various communities, still staying well away from the busier parts of town, but showing up in areas such as Gearhart and even parts of Seaside where there are less people. Unfortunately as one local found out it is far too easy to bait said animals and at the moment Larson Enuffit of Gearhart, Oregon is currently being held in the county jail for illegally baiting several elk and attempting to discharge a firearm within city limits.

            “A whole herd it seemed like was making their way right down our street like it was no big deal,” said a neighbor of Larson’s, who wished to remain anonymous, “All a person really needed to do at one point if they wanted venison was to lean out a window and take aim. Of course that’s highly illegal in a populated area since accidents do happen and we have laws for a reason. Larson didn’t seem to care about that too much though, he was looking to take full advantage of this moment.”

            Had the same neighbor not called the local police it’s likely that Larson would have bagged an illegal elk at that time, but thankfully the cops showed up before he could take the shot. The arrival of the cop car was met with a string of curses as bystanders report as Larson actually hesitated before dropping his rifle to the ground as the police officers requested. Larson was arrested and held is currently awaiting his sentence.

@Jailem235 tweeted:

            Opportunistic dick. Be a real man and go on up in the hills during the season.

@HobucketSupreme tweeted:

            Meat delivery! -courtesy of Mother Nature

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