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            Celebrities losing their temper is nothing new, but in a recent story given by a fan that had a chance to meet his (former) favorite martial arts actor Steven Seagal, it’s easy to understand how illusions are shattered when a star takes things too far. Filipe Dojore, an avid fan of martial arts films, had the chance to meet with one of his icons, Steven Seagal, some time ago, before the coronavirus started changing the way people live, and is just coming out about the opportunity turned confrontation now. Apparently upon shaking hands the star attempted to show Filipe just what he thought of his gratitude and was surprised when Filipe, who is an MMA fighter in training, refused to be victimized.

            “I went to shake his hand and for whatever reason he tried to put me in a wrist lock. At that point I didn’t know if he was kidding or not but when he tried to sink it in I pulled back and just kind of tried to get away. After that he tried to put his elbows and fists into my body, but I reacted a little too quick and backed away. It was at that moment that my fighting skills just kind of took over and I snapped his head back with a couple of stiff jabs before kicking his legs from under him.”

            Seagal’s security guards were all over Felipe in the next moment and the police were called shortly after. While Seagal was let off the hook after explaining that he was attempting to show the fan a few things, Felipe was booked for assault and released later on after a video of the altercation was played for the judge. At present time Seagal hasn’t been brought up on any charges, but Felipe has thankfully been cleared of any wrongdoing as it was deemed that he acted in self-defense. At this time Mr. Seagal has been unavailable for comment.

@KarateDojo325 tweeted:

            Seagal’s a punk, dude makes all these claims about things he’s done and how awesome he is, he’d get leveled against an MMA fighter.

@SweepTheLeg tweeted:

            Since when does a handshake mean you get to ‘show the fan’ a few things? Seagal is trash, really.

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