Texas Woman Fatally Shoots Home Intruder: "That's Just Texas," Says Neighbor

Pine Lake, NY

            The idea of releasing at-risk, non-violent convicts due to overcrowding in prisons and threat of the coronavirus is coming under attack today due to one family’s brutal and ultimately fatal encounter with a group of convicts earlier this week. In what has been uncovered as an attempt to rob and murder a man and his family out of revenge for time served, former convict Jason Dail and three other convicts have found themselves headed back to Queen’s Correctional Facility, via the medical ward due to injuries sustained during their ill-fated attempt. The four convicts had planned, according to Jason, to get back at Lewis Dahl, a former friend, and the man that was responsible for Jason being sent to prison in the first place, by robbing his home and slaughtering his family.

            “I heard on the news that prisoners were being released from jail due to the coronavirus and I thought it was the dumbest thing I’d ever heard,” said Lewis during an interview, “I didn’t really think that Jason would have the sack to come and try to get payback, but obviously I was wrong. Thankfully my wife is a hunter like me and our three kids are teenagers and know how to handle their own weapons. I didn’t want to panic anyone since they already knew why Jason was in prison and why he felt I was responsible. I did turn him in after he confessed to embezzling money from his workplace. Friend or not, I can’t sit by and let someone cheat other folks out of their hard-earned money.”

            According to Jason, who told the police everything from his hospital bed, he and fellow inmates Ryan Dien, Joel Moserly, and Carl Rick were planning to head further north into Canada after all was said and done to disappear. Their plans were foiled however when they attempted to break into the Dahls’ home and found five individuals armed and ready to receive them. Ryan and Joel were rushed to the local hospital after each taking several rounds to their torsos, while Carl nearly died on site thanks to a bullet that came within less than an inch of his heart. Jason suffered damage to spine when a bullet lodged in his lumbar region and will be lucky if he can walk again. As of this writing however all four men are currently back in prison and are awaiting further sentencing.

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            Anyone else want to argue about gun control and why it’s firmly under control?

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            So wait, were they just primed and ready to go at any moment? I want more story man!

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