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Eureka, CA

            A lot of people are used to seeing college professors being grilled relentlessly for stating their anti-Trump propaganda to their students as they conform to a very liberal set of ideals. One professor at College of the Redwoods has actually been fired after posting multiple articles and blog posts concerning what he would gladly do to presidential candidate Joe Biden if he ever sniffed his daughter or any child he knew. Arlen Dripmag, a born and raised Californian and devout conservative, has expressed his distaste over and over in one article after another concerning the ‘shifty and pedophilic’ ways of Senator Biden as he’s even laid out several examples in videos detailing just how ‘creepy and pervy Uncle Joe’ really is.

            “He never talked about this in his classes” said Maurie Crabsotte, one of the professor’s most current students, “Any politics he did talk about in class were pretty neutral. I think he didn’t wan anyone’s feelings hurt, but trying to stage riot when Biden comes to town and singling him out like this isn’t healthy.”

            Just a few days before his arrest Arlen admitted to several of his students that he planned to be out of town for a few days while attending a seminar up north. This was incidentally around the same time that Biden was scheduled to make an appearance in Ashland, Oregon. The professor never did make the trip however as it was later discovered that his car had been vandalized and he’d been unable to leave town. This was around the time when the professor decided to post several derogatory and even troubling articles about Biden and how he would react if the former VP ever came around anyone he knew.

@NotoDems tweeted:

            I’m a devoted Republican myself, but there are times when you’ve got to keep your mouth shut.

@FreedomofSpeech tweeted:

            It’s all about freedom of speech, but it doesn’t come without freedom from consequence.

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