At Times Like This It Pays To Shop Local, Why Convenience Stores Are Now  The Backbone Of Our Communities

Vancouver, WA

            Robbing a store just isn’t the same as it used to be when store owners or employers would give up a drawerful of money easily thanks to the fact that the store was insured. Travis Donsteppe found this out the hard way when he decided to try and rob a local convenience store just two nights ago and found himself locked in by the cashier. The decision Travis made to try and rob Miss and Mister’s Mart at night, when there were no other customers inside, might have been considered a smart move, but it turned out to be the wrong thing to do when owner and operator Jemma Jonesy turned the tables on him.

            “I could see he didn’t have a gun,” Jemma said in an interview, “so I didn’t worry too much about getting shot. He’s a big guy so it’s likely he could have laid a beating on me, but I grew up with three older brothers so I know how to handle myself. This time though I thought better of it and just hopped the counter as soon as he made his way around it. I went outside and locked the door behind me. I had to run around to the back and lock that too, but I was there before he figured out that he could get to the back. I kinda laughed at him when started pounding on the door, he almost sounded scared.”

            Travis, who was found to be a career criminal that’s been busted for petty theft more than once, was suitably detained until the police arrived only a short while later. Thankfully he didn’t fight as he was taken into custody after Jemma unlocked the door, though he did profess his innocence, stating that he’d simply come in to buy a six-pack of beer and nothing else. After watching the surveillance video that he knew nothing about however, police were quick to charge him with attempted robbery, and could possibly add a couple more charges to the bill.

@NevaEvah tweeted:

            Don’t mess with shop owners man, they’ll either put a hole in ya ass or find some way to mess you up.

@DearestMy tweeted:

            Obviously he’s not that great of a thief if he can’t afford enough for a damn gun.

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