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Portland, OR

            Healthy living is a great benefit that many can take pride in and can practice at virtually any time of the day or night. In fact the road to healthy living is surprisingly simple using one’s common sense, but then so is avoiding throwing one’s own lifestyle in anyone’s face. Currently one blogger from the Rose City by the name of Amelia Bovine has been realizing that people might congratulate others for their desire to live healthy and stay clean, but there are no participation or congratulatory awards for announcing it via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media app that can be found. Unfortunately however Amelia has taken to social media day in and day out, inundating people with her ‘secrets’ on how to live a healthy and meaningful lifestyle and how they too can find their own center and let it radiate a sense of calm and peace that will help them to reach their greatest potential.

            “I’ve been spreading my message far and wide throughout the northwest,” said Bovine, “I’m hoping that people won’t just see that I’m really trying to help them attain their best selves, but also that I’m at least a little deserving of some praise for having the gall and the courage to point out their iniquities when a lot of people simply won’t. There’s no shame in being proud of oneself and getting rewarded for it after all, and I’m just asking for a little more of the happiness we all crave as I do believe I’ve earned it.”

            So far Amelia’s followers online have come to number in the hundreds while her casual detractors have come by the thousands. She hasn’t allowed this to sway her from the mission she’s set for herself however, as her goal is to eventually reach all of Oregon and then beyond into Washington and California with her message.

@DirtyDone tweeted:

            Girl you need to dig out whatever’s blocking your common sense and realize this: NO ONE CARES about your lifestyle. Get over yourself.

@JockotheSocko tweeted:

            She’s definitely a casualty of the participation syndrome.

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