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Los Angeles, CA

            As things continue to change every aspect of pop culture continues to follow along with it. Recently Marvel comics came up with the idea of several characters for the group called The New Warriors, two among them being named Snowflake and SafeSpace. This inspired artist Lindsay Watterus to create two new heroes of her own named The Green Ideal and Social Justice Warrior for her own strip, with the enemy being a very Trump-esque character while their mentor and sort of Jim Gordon-like helper, Alexis Cordova, styled of course in the guise of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, has made an appearance as well. While the idea hasn’t been picked up by any noteworthy publisher at this time the strips notoriety has still managed to become its calling card in certain groups.

            “It’s great that we of the LGBTQ+ crowd are getting our own heroes now, and so will those who feel that they’re so disenfranchised,” said Jim Allabust, a transgender man living in LA. Jim runs his own small publishing company, affectionately called ‘Balls on the Wall Publishing’. His business is all about giving the disenfranchised and societally-abused within the city a voice that they can use to express themselves when big publishers won’t give them a second look.

            “I help out the little people that want their art to be seen by others like them,” Jim said, “I think it’s really tyrannical that big publishers want to judge someone’s artwork and story based on a very narrow-minded set of ideals that people have about fictional characters. I mean come on, they’re not real, so what’s the big deal? I don’t care what a hero is, be it gay, straight, or gender-fluid, I’ll publish them just because they have a voice and I want the business. I don’t care what anyone has to say, I run it because I think it can make money. Sure they’ve got to donate to the business, but they get to pay that off as they go along. If they’ve got a voice and can pay the money, I publish them.”

            As to what the powers held by The Green Ideal and Social Justice Warrior are at the moment, Lindsay has yet to fully explore that venue, but she’s managed to produce images of the heroes at least.

@HokayDokay tweeted:

            The creator of the ‘heroes’ doesn’t know what they can do? That sounds like the authors of the Green New Deal honestly, art imitating life…..just sayin….

@DillytheBilly tweeted:

            Does Jim know what he, or she, or whatever, is really saying? He/she doesn’t care what anyone has to say so long as they can pay? What a crusader…..

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