Shit Test Fundamentals: How to Pass her tests every time

Boise, ID

            When a date doesn’t call, text, or even acknowledge a person’s existence the day following a night out some people shrug and move on. Some obsess over whether they did something wrong or were too abrasive or meek during the date. Jillian Nodies took things to a different extreme however when she decided file a lawsuit against her boyfriend, Miles Aweino, for failing to give her what she’d been wanting after six months of dating. In Jillian’s own words:

            “He paid for everything when we went on dates, sometimes to someplace cheap like McDonald’s or, when he was able, to fancy places where we ate ala carte. Sometimes we went to the movies, sometimes we just did Netflix n Chill at home. But after six months I wanted something more and he was all like ‘meh’ with his attitude, like things didn’t need to change. So I decided that if he wasn’t going to take my affection seriously then he would take something else seriously.”

            At the current moment the lawsuit that Jillian has filed has not been decided upon, though the upcoming court date will be to determine whether her emotional and spiritual ‘suffering’ will be worth the ten thousand dollars she’s suing for. In Mile’s defense:

            “I didn’t know what was wrong to be honest. I thought we had a good thing going and all that. We went out pretty often but we would stay home too. Paying for everything wasn’t an issue unless I had other things to pay for, but she didn’t want to hear any excuses when it came to my not having that much money since it was her time that I was ruining if I didn’t have enough to go out. It’s kind of funny that the sum she’s suing me for is how much the ring she pointed out to me a month ago costs.”

            While there’s no doubt that the cost of a ring will come into play, it has yet to be seen what defense Jillian and her attorney will utilize. There will be more on this story as it develops.

@chintzyglint tweeted:

            If he’s ‘meh’ with his attitude boo then it means he’s a guy, they don’t get overly excited about much unless it’s big boobs in their face or something on TV that’s violent and cool.

@donnutdoit343 tweeted:

            So what happens if she wins the money and gets the bling? He didn’t put a ring on it so he’s not responsible for it… other words you’ll have played yourself…..another one….

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