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Manhattan, NY

            Marian Fromage is a wealthy mother that moved to the state of New York with her husband nearly ten years ago when she was still 19. The couple found a stylish apartment on the Upper East Side where they could raise a family, entertain party guests, and grow together throughout the years. Now, at the age of 25, Marian has been hospitalized due to a nervous breakdown as her two children are being cared for by her nanny while her husband is out of town. As Marian relayed from her hospital room, after requesting an audience with any publication that would listen:

            “I’m so shocked that no one would think to just reach out talk to a woman that fell ill in the park. My heart was beating a mile a minute and I couldn’t help passing out. My children were thankfully being taken care of by the nanny, otherwise I might have been seen as a horrible mother for neglecting them. I had no idea what was happening, all I knew was that I had all these decisions to make concerning our next house party, I had to make sure that our house cleaner would be on time and of course my children didn’t make it better by coming up to me and asking a million questions every minute.”

            Marian’s diagnosis came back quickly as her doctor determined that she was just fine but had for one reason or another allowed her stress level to rise to such a level that she’d simply shut down. Physically there is nothing wrong her, which is thankful, but many have already chimed in via social media concerning her mental state.

@hergeberger453 tweeted:

            Awww, did you get overwhelmed remembering how much money and how little of a life you had?

@jorushorus343 tweeted:

            Oh to have such ‘concerns’….all I get to do is wake up at 4 in the morning, take care of the kids, do housework, do my work from home thing, and then do more housework….

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