The Political Pettiness of Misgendering Transgender People

Seattle, WA

            Even amidst a pandemic there can be issues that can’t be easily resolved, and recently an altercation between two individuals that was started after a man used the wrong pronoun to describe a transgender woman was brought to the attention of the Seattle PD. Maise Orisne, the transgender woman that has been arrested following the assault of an elderly male, Christopher Allman, apparently attacked the senior citizen on a city bus after Mr. Allman mistakenly called her ‘sir’ while trying to move past Maise to find a seat. Instead of politely correcting Allman, Maise grew instantly heated according to witnesses as she rose from her seat and confronted the older man, disregarding the bus driver’s request that she find a seat.

            “At a glance she looked like a man,” Allman stated, “She was dressed in faded jeans, a hooded sweatshirt and has a very mannish appearance. How in the world was I supposed to know just glancing at her? To me she looked very much like a man, as nature obviously intended.”

            Despite his attempts to apologize for the slight, Allman was soon the recipient of a withering verbal barrage before two hard jabs to his face from Maise. As the other passengers vehemently told her to sit down she allowed them to hear her angry rant as well, which was captured on video by several onlookers as one man attempted to come to Allman’s defense, telling Maise to sit down and leave the man alone. Calling Allman a racist, a bigot, a sexist, and many other unflattering names Maise finally did return to her seat, though by that time the bus driver had contacted the police and parked the bus at the nearest stop. Upon seeing the police coming Maise attempted to flee, but found both exits blocked as she was taken into custody.

            At this time Maise is being held throughout the weekend and will have her first court hearing on Monday.

@innerouteronner56 tweeted:

            I wonder if she’s being held in isolation or in gen pop. It’s worth wondering…

@goodgawdyall93 tweeted:

            I hope the old man learned his lesson! You don’t misgender people no matter if you can tell what they are or not!

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