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Vancouver, WA

            The closure of theaters across the country in order to keep up with social distancing has been a hard hit for the entertainment industry in a big way, but a group of teens decided to flout the mandate only day into the order. Riley Hoboble and several of his friends, a few that had worked at a local Regal Cinema in downtown Vancouver, decided to take it upon themselves to have their own ‘movie night’ by sneaking into the theater using a key that one of the teens still had in their possession. Despite the illegal trespass the teens were in the process of watching their own screening of a current action movie when one of the few people that had been allowed to stay and give the theater a thorough cleaning happened to notice the sound of the movie from the lobby area.

            “I’m not sure why they thought the place was entirely empty,” said Molly Hollister, the theater manager, “It’s only been closed for a couple of days and there’s still a skeleton crew mulling around doing cleanup. When we noticed them though we kept them contained in the theater until the cops showed up. Since only one of them was 18 the cops escorted the rest of them off the property, and it’s safe to say that the person who worked for us, I won’t mention her name, won’t be coming back if we get to open up in the next few months. We took pictures of the others to make sure that if we do get to open our doors again that they won’t be allowed in, since this was a serious breach of trust and highly irresponsible.”

            Regal Cinemas has since commended Molly and her staff for their use of restraint and their ability to help out in this instance. The 18-year old in the group was apprehended and taken to Clark County Corrections, where he’ll be tried as an adult for unlawful trespass, while the others will have charges filed against them.

@warnothing32 tweeted:

            Confucius say, in an empty theater, even the breaking of wind is a hurricane….

@diddlemedoddle89 tweeted:

            You mean they still let employees have keys to a place like a theater? That’s a little dangerous isn’t it?

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