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Hackensack, NJ

            Language is a fluid part of our society and varied cultures and it tends to change quite naturally from one generation to another without being forced. As researchers at the Hackensack Observatory and Experimental Survey headquarters in Hackensack, New Jersey have recently discovered, forcing new language is far more harmful to a society than helpful. The reason behind this has been determined that that natural integration of language and ideals, though problematic at times and controversial to some, is far more amenable to the changes that occur within a society than the ‘language policing’ that has been ongoing for years and has been deemed a fight against sexism and various other types of toxic masculinity that have been brought to the public’s attention in recent years.

            “It’s a matter of allowing a population to accept a change to the status quo of their language versus the desire of a group of people who are trying to force said population into changing against their will,” stated Dr. Jeremiah P. Cucker, “A society will resist changes that are forced upon them quite naturally while they will eventually integrate practices and speech patterns that are introduced slowly and in a repetitive manner more often than they will accept those that are foisted upon them and attempted to be given some form of enforcement, as the idea of free will and choice are still very powerful motivators for many people when it comes to change.”

            In other words, Dr. Cucker is stating that to enact ‘language policing’ in a society is far more harmful as it creates a divide within said society rather than the desire to assimilate and practice new speech patterns and new ideals that might go along with said speech. While many people would agree that individuals should be allowed to choose how they talk and believe, several are still of the mind that our ideals and speech need to change in order to usher in a new and more ‘woke’ line of thinking.

@HeineyHo tweeted:

            If being uncultured means having the freedom to say and believe what you want then I’ll start dragging my knuckles now….

@KillahPsych tweeted:

            It’s kinda like forcing a stick shift into second gear without pressing the clutch, it can happen, but it might cause problems later on. Of course a lot of people are forgetting what a ‘stick shift’ even is so that analogy might not work anymore. #oldschool

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