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There were many ways that the current situation could have played out, or been averted, or even adequately handled. But the spirit hadn’t seen this chain of events coming. In fact, it was safe to state that the current situation was something that might have been concocted only in the mind of one that could only see the worst in life. Following the brawl in the park, and the sudden deaths of so many people at once, tensions had erupted as the survivors had either run off screaming about murder, or had simply vacated the city altogether. Public outcry had claimed that one side or the other were responsible, that the deaths were a strange byproduct of the hatred felt between the two factions.

The spirit had found this funny, but had gone on passing judgment on those that he felt had deserved it, and there had been many indeed after that day that had felt his icy touch. Soon enough though the situation had escalated beyond anything he’d ever expected, and the detective working the case had done the inexplicable, he’d killed himself when it was apparent that he could do nothing and could not explain away the cause of the many deaths. This had made the spirit curious, but not sad. He was doing what he felt was right after all, and was possessed of a purpose that he didn’t feel needed to be denied. People in this city were horrible, but not all of them.

Still, after a while even the good ones had moved on, as those that did wrong either didn’t pay attention and wound up being discovered by him eventually, moved on without stopping. After a while, the Rose City became a ghost town, a space dominated by none and only frequented by those that couldn’t but wonder what had turned this place into such an empty shell of what it had once been. Plenty of people still kept their distance, but the bravest stuck around for a little while just to see what the mystery was all about. Some of them he took, others he left, but like always, offered no quarter and expected none. He had no idea how long it had been since the city’s population had dwindled, but these days he had to actively search for wrongdoers, since those that still lived within the city were good and honest people, even if they had been hurt in a way by the fall of the city.

He’d had an impact at least.

The End

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