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Dallas, TX

            Animal activism isn’t a new trend since individuals have been protesting cruelty to animals in all forms for some time. However, trying to frame factory farmers by placing dead or sick animals within their facilities is a new low that one activist has recently been found guilty of as Davis Maledi was arrested nearly a week prior for the act. As a member of Animals Over Cruelty, Davis is an avid supporter of animal rights and has posted many a blog concerned with taking down factory farms and using whatever means are necessary to do this. Unfortunately for AOC, Davis’s most current action has brought a great deal of heat down on them as Davis has alleged that the chapter president of AOC was the one that granted him the idea of placing a sick chicken within the general population of a local poultry farm, who wish to remain anonymous. The AOC president had this to say:

            “At no time did I or anyone else inform Davis Maledi that he should infiltrate our sworn enemy, who I am not allowed to name at this point, to frame them for any wrongdoing. We have had our philosophical and ethical differences in the past with this unclean and unsanitary business, but never have we attempted to defraud or otherwise harm the animals within their dubious care. Davis was acting under no orders and was guided by no one when executing this heinous plan.”

            The vague and very noncommittal statement was given only a few days ago as Davis is now serving time in a correctional facility for breaking and entering with intent to cause harm. He has refused to speak with any news outlet at this time, particularly after getting wind of AOC’s stance on the matter. Many have claimed that they have heard him shout out expletives implicating and cursing the AOC, but much of this is, at this time, considered to be hearsay.

@RightisMight tweeted:

            That’s the first rule in a conspiracy after all. Deny, deny, deny….

@NoHeart tweeted:

            The cuckoos will gladly disavow their own and attempt to give one backhanded insult after another.

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