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Los Angeles, CA

            Sometimes reality shows take things a little too over the top and end up becoming too real, thereby angering people and causing a good deal of trouble. Recently an up and coming public access show host Ryan Wrongli, who broadcasts his own program titled “Facts YOU Want to Know”, found himself in a bit of trouble after going too far in his pursuit of more interesting facts for his show.

            “I trade in facts people,” Ryan says on his website, “I get the dirt, the statistics, and the in-depth detail that YOU, the people, want to know. How I get it isn’t always pretty, but it’s always appreciated by my fans.”

            To date Ryan’s site has recorded nearly 60 subscribers, some of who have canceled their subscription upon reading the report that he’s been harassing various celebrities for facts that no one else knows.

            “I get that he’s trying to be edgy and all that, but he’s violating their privacy to do it, and that’s not cool.” This was stated by Jennifer Millionge, a UCLA student that listened to Ryan for nearly a year before growing tired with what she called his ‘vague and incessant rambling’.

While other subscribers have come and gone on Ryan’s site several more people have become tuned into his words as he’s continued to cover various topics and factoids about various celebrities that many people simply didn’t know. Unfortunately for Ryan however he is currently being sued for harassment by no less than four celebrities, all of whom wish to remain anonymous as possible in this matter. That hasn’t stopped Ryan from naming them on his site, though many other websites reporting on this matter at the moment have been wise enough to refrain from making such a mistake.

@MilliTent tweeted:

            A whole 60 subscribers? Whoa down there big guy, save some for the other hotshots….

@GardenGrazer tweeted:

            Seriously, brush the dude off like a fly, or swat him, whatever works…

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