Money dynamics while dating a hot woman

Boise, ID

            Some people say they’re unlucky in love, but for Irene Nagginsof, a local Boise resident that’s admittedly had more misses than hits when dating, it’s become a point of frustration that she can’t keep someone around for more than three dates. A graduate of Harvard Law School, Irene returned home to Boise hoping to start her own practice and a life she could be proud of. While she has started a successful firm employing ten individuals from her area she has yet to realize the second half of her goal, which is to find a suitable husband that can, as she states “match me step for step”.

            “I’m not looking for just a person to have fun with,” Irene stated in an interview, “I wanted someone that is as intelligent as I am, someone I won’t have to wait on when it comes to getting my cultured sense of humor, and someone that can match my wit. Anything less just isn’t worth the effort to me, as I’m a strong woman that doesn’t want to dumb down for anyone.”

            Some have gone as far as to criticize Irene for offering money to date her, but at this point there have been few takers for the prize, as only a few men have been daring enough to dial her number. We managed to get an interview with a few men that have dated her in the past, and the reasons they give for not sticking around are less than shocking. Also not surprising is the fact that these individuals wished to remain anonymous while allowing their words to be spread to those that might think about giving Irene a chance.

            “She’s demanding, not because she’s a woman but because she wants everything she wants but is adamant about not changing for anyone. That’s not a companion, that’s a dictator.”

            “Irene is a very strong-willed and confident woman and that’s a big reason I was attracted to her. But apart from that she’s just too controlling, she doesn’t know the ‘give’ part in give and take.”

            “The first date wasn’t bad, we were kind of feeling each other out. It was when I mentioned that I went to Washington State University for my doctorate and she wrinkled her nose like something stank that I sensed there was trouble brewing.”

            Not too surprisingly, Irene has yet to find her true match, as the number has gone without calls or messages for close to a year since being published for all to see.

@HolySchlamoly tweeted:

            When even poor college kids won’t attempt to date you for the money then you should be smart enough to know the problem is with YOU, not them.

@BackSeater tweeted:

            Forget checking herself, she’s already done wrecked herself.

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