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It was so horribly tempting to wade into the melee he currently looked upon and punish all those who were harming others, and his will was giving out very quickly. The two groups that had opposed one another for some time now, one side wearing black and the other wearing yellow and black, did not appear capable of being around one another without inciting arguments, violence, and chaos, and the spirit wished so badly to quell it, to give them a reason to pause, to think that perhaps their concerns were petty and the harm was no longer needed. He had hung back for the time being though, but it was growing harder to keep himself from the mix.

Would the detective be called into this matter if he decided to wade into the mix? Probably not, it felt a though heart failure might be chalked up to the excitement of the moment, or something else that would be deemed the fault of those currently embroiled in the melee.

That was it then, it was decided. As he made his way into the thick of things it became hard to pick targets fast enough, but as he did, bodies started to drop, and people started to scream. This didn’t deter him from his task, as there were still many that needed to be punished accordingly.

But as the bodies continued to drop, the people began to clear out, which frustrated the spirit to no end. That was okay though, he had nothing but time.

(to be concluded)

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