Protesters Decry Coronavirus Stay-At-Home Orders Across The US, Including  San Diego | KPBS

Portland, OR

            Protesting just about anything has become a trend these days but there are moments when the protests appear to be a bit nonsensical as some people have put it, and protesting a virus is one of them. To be fair, many protestors that have shown up outside schools, places of business, and sporting arenas have been protesting for other reasons than just the coronavirus, though many have given reasons that are still a bit suspect.

            “We’re here to protest fear itself,” said Milo Aninch, a PSU student. Portland State University is one of the main institutions that has shut down its regular classes to prevent any further spread of the coronavirus and has decided to stick primarily to online courses for those that are not at risk to any further exposure in the classroom. Milo and many others have gathered to protest the use of fear tactics used by the media and furthered by several organizations. Pro sports as well as high school and college sports have been postponed indefinitely at this time so as to keep people safe, but several protestors are now demanding that the teams be allowed to play and the venues reopen so as to get back to ‘life as we know it’ as one person has stated.

            “We can’t let the fear of something keep us from living,” said Gina Likime, an educator from Washington County, “The moment we let a disease or anything stop us from living is the moment we begin to lose, and despite the seriousness of this disease we haven’t lost that much yet, but we will if we let it take us away from our regularly scheduled day.”

            At this time the protest group hasn’t done much save for making themselves heard and answering several questions that reporters have posed in very vague and hard to understand explanations. No one knows their long-term plans as of yet, but it would appear that they’ll continue to protest as long as they’re able.

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            I knew people could get dumb, but holy hell on a stick….

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            You tell that virus! Wait, it won’t care….

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