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Moscow, ID

            A popular news provider is in a spot of trouble today as it was discovered that it attempted to bury a story pertaining to the coronavirus and how people have been recovering in large numbers all across the globe. The story was apparently deemed not up to the standards of the site and was, as a result, given little if any real attention. While this might not be a slight worthy of censure it has certainly irked a few avid readers of the site.

            “There’s enough doom and gloom across the media to last a lifetime at the moment,” said Wanda Dutiroff, a longtime reader, “It’d be nice to hear some good news once in a while, like whether there’s a light at the end of the tunnel so to speak.”

            James Jackson, another fan of the site, said this, “If I wanted to see a proclamation about the end of the world I’d read the Enquirer or some other rag, but this site used to be known for being pretty balanced. If it keeps doing stuff like this I might not worry about affording my subscription.”

            More and more subscribers have been chiming in since the story detailing the survival rate of the coronavirus by those in various countries has begun to climb. The hopeful nature of the article was apparently deemed to be less than newsworthy by the site, though the editor in chief hasn’t been available for an interview at this point, despite the fact that she’s managed to at least try and use a well-worded tweet to insure people that the ‘oversight’ has been noted and each article will be carefully vetted in the coming days. While many readers are a bit skeptical of this, a handful at least are willing to give the publication the benefit of the doubt.

@jolobolo tweeted:

            Yeah right, if it’s good news then it’s not bound to get much attention. Anything dramatic and an EIC hears an angelic choir like in the movies.

@ArloStanton tweeted:

            Any good news provider is balanced and will put as much effort into comforting the people as they will into reporting a tragedy, that’s why we have journalistic satire, not real news.

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