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Long Beach, WA

            It’s not illegal to go on vacation at this time, but it is heavily frowned upon and it is illegal to dock a boat anywhere that one pleases. Unfortunately for the Downer family their hastily concealed ski boat was discovered by Long Beach local Shannon Kirschener while she was out walking her dog near Beard’s Hollow, where the family had attempted to cover the boat with pine boughs and left it firmly wedged between the cliff face and a submerged boulder.

            “I didn’t know what to think at first,” Shannon said during an interview, “This is the kind of thing you might see on a TV show or in a movie or something, but I was looking around for anyone that might have been hurt. When I saw footprints leading inland though and drag marks I really got worried. That’s when I called the police.”

            Sheriff Oscar Strepe and a deputy discovered the license and registration of the boat and ran a quick check on the Downer’s to try and contact them, thinking their boat was stolen. By the time they reached the craft however the tide had done a number on the boat, banging it up against the cliff face and leaving several large, gaping tears in the hull as a result. Upon trying to reach the Downer’s the sheriff found through use of Cliff Downer’s cell phone number that they were actually in town and had been, according to Cliff, since a few days before the current stay at home order had been issued.

            Long Beach residents have been pleading with tourists to stay away during this time despite needing said tourists to survive during the spring and summer months, as the pandemic has already caused the local hospital in Ilwaco to fill up as several individuals have been diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus. As of this writing the Downer’s have been quarantined in their hotel room and Cliff will be charged with misdemeanor for lying to an officer and will be charged a dry dock fee as the Downer’s boat was taken to the local shipyard where it is currently being held.

@HaleyKomit tweeted:

            When you absolutely, positively need a spring break….stay at home, it’s cheaper.

@VomitComet tweeted:

            Karma is a truly vindictive beeyotch with a very twisted sense of humor….God I love her.

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