Speaker Nancy Pelosi is calling the House back into session to vote on USPS  bill

Atlanta, GA

            It has been argued that it takes a lot to get fired from an opinion site, but Lars Dipple, writer for The Bunion located in Atlanta, Georgia, has proven that it is possible with the right amount of pressure directed at the wrong target. In recent years many have noticed easily how society has been taking a step back or a step to the side when it comes to controversial topics such as gender, but Lars has managed to keep his articles mostly agreeable even if he has at times appeared to attack various factions and individuals. A piece he wrote recently slamming none other than the Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi has landed him in a spot of trouble.

            “I thought it was just another opinion piece to be fair,” said Lars, “She and her fellow Democrats thought treating the stimulus package like a wish list was a good idea, a lot of us felt otherwise. But yeah, I took things a little further and I’m paying for it. Hear that Pelosi? I’M PAYING for it, not the taxpayers that you’ve already swindled and confused with your Trump-hating rhetoric.”

            After going after Pelosi in an article-spanning rant in which he called out the Speaker’s shady dealings with the stimulus package and her vendetta against the Republican party, Lars was put on indefinite suspension following an investigation into some of his sources. When Speaker Pelosi was clued in to the rhetoric that had been written about her Lars was eventually released from the company as they were given a choice to write a retraction along with an apology or fire the writer responsible for the ‘hurtful and unfair’ words. At this time Lars has decided not to issue a statement as he has been thoroughly blacklisted and has yet to find another writing or editing position.

@fancypants32 tweeted:

            Did poor wittle Pelosi get her feewings hurt? Ahhh….who cares?

@DishItOut4me tweeted:

            So much for withstanding the barbs and slings of the media. Guess it helps when you have an invisible DELETE button that you can use on anyone at your pleasure.

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