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            Racism is still alive and well in the USA today as many are well aware of, but what the media and many other random sources fail to realize is that the narrative at times has changed in a big way. Where racism was once a commonality within many facets of society it is now far more contrived in order to create the level of controversy that many claim is real and that only ‘woke’ individuals can comment upon. In the case of a single black mother in the Washington Square Mall however racism is all too real and it was shown just a few days ago by her words and her actions.

            Shontae Aguilo, a single mother with three children from three different men admittedly, was witnessed verbally and in some cases physically threatening children that came too close to her own kids at a kids’ play zone in the mall just three days ago. The area, which is set up for kids to play in under adult supervision, was moderately crowded as many parents allow their children to play for a bit as a reward for being good or just to burn off any excess energy before leaving or before going shopping. Kids being kids it’s not uncommon to see children of varying ages and races playing well together quite often, though kids will come into conflict with each other now and again.

            “Before anyone knew what was happening this lady just burst out with ‘keep your hands off my kid or I’ll beat the white off of you’,” said one mother when describing Shontae’s rants, “She even told an Hispanic kid that was trying to help one of her kids onto the foam bridge by pushing her from behind that she’d call ICE and get his ‘sorry little wetback ass’ deported if he touched her daughter again. I felt sorry for the kids really, they could barely interact with anyone without this woman threatening to do something. It was when she yanked one of the kids away from her child though that someone finally called the cops. A lot of us are probably wishing one of us would have done it sooner.”

            The incident in question came when a white child was attempting to help pull one of Shontae’s children up the same bridge that lies within the padded play area and accidentally lost his grip. While her own child was unharmed and giggled madly according to parents Shontae was quick to rise and throw the white child to the ground. Thankfully the padding helped to absorb the fall, but this was the last straw for many of the parents as the father of the child quickly subdued Shontae as the police were called. Upon their arrival Shontae continued her racist rant up until she was led away in tears, sobbing that she was being racially profiled.

            On a light note, Shontae’s children were released into the custody of their fathers, all of whom have at this time reportedly filed for a restraining order against Shontae and are seeking full custody of their children.

@itmattersallatime tweeted:

            But….but…black people can’t be racist, can they? Well damn, maybe BLM was wrong about other things too, hmm?

@jeewillickers54 tweeted:

            Lucky for her the floor was padded, I might have ‘slipped’ a couple of times just to see if there were any solid spots…..

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