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Edmonton, Alberta

            It can be said that feminism has certainly become a massive issue throughout one country after another as recently a young woman by the name of Farrah Pawage decided to make her point felt without fail upon attempting to gain a promotion at the local Target store. A four-year employee of the store, Farrah had been working her way towards a management position before being denied the first and second times she applied in the past two years, as her work record had more than a few blemishes upon it as has been stated by her manager and supervisor.

            “She’s a nice enough woman,” said Barry Manlou, Farrah’s supervisor, “A lot of her fellow employees like her and she doesn’t really have that many issues with a lot of people. But she’s been disciplined a few times for being short with the customers and has even gotten physical with one of her co-workers in the past. Several of these offenses might have led to termination, but she’s also quite adept at claiming sexism explaining her case to the corporate office as we’ve found. She’s been allowed to stay on and has changed her attitude a great deal in the past, but this time she simply crossed a line that we can’t allow.”

            Upon being denied a promotion for a third time following an incident with a customer in which Farrah asked store security to escort the man from the premises it was decided that she didn’t have the right temperament for the job, as manager’s are required to accommodate the shoppers as much as possible. The shopper in question had, according to Farrah, allowed his three-year old child to ‘run amok like a wild animal’ through the store, causing a general ruckus and tearing things apart. The customer in question stated that his child had been out of his sight for ten seconds at most and had knocked over a pillow display and taken several stuffed animals from a shelf, but hadn’t been bothering anyone. Video footage confirms the customer’s story, and following the threat of a lawsuit corporate decided to compensate the shopper with a Target gift card and a heartfelt apology. Farrah was given a stern warning and later denied the promotion she desired, which was apparently the final straw for her.

            Upon being denied she stormed into her supervisor’s office and without further ado began to throw one item after another from Barry’s desk at him, striking him several times in the face and shoulder areas. All the while it was stated that she was screaming about equality, how she deserved the promotion, and how as a woman she was far more qualified than anyone in the store. By the time security arrived Barry was bleeding from the nose and several superficial cuts that had been caused by Farrah’s assault. Deciding to press charges, Barry and the security guard then waited for police to arrive and were forced to weather Farrah’s feminist tirade the entire time.

            At this time Farrah has been terminated from Target and will be brought up on charges of assault. There will be more on this story as it develops.

@boyngotoyngo tweeted:

            This is what third-wave feminism is doing, driving women damned crazy! I don’t care who you are, but as women we need to realize that we have it better than a lot of feminazi’s are telling us!

@jassituss34 tweeted:

            Last time I checked assaulting your boss was the wrong way to go about being seen as a ‘strong, empowered woman’.

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