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Portland, OR

            Many individuals have taken the spread of the coronavirus, COVID-19, quite seriously in the past month. While some are calling out the media for fear-mongering and over-hyping cases that have been seen to not be fatal, others are doing their best to simply stay away from heavily-populated areas where the virus can possibly spread from one person to the next. For reporter Ed Gaylen, an anchor for a small news station in Portland, Oregon, the mere mention of his own opinion was enough to cause a group of concerned and angry citizens to wait for him to leave work one night so that they could ambush Ed on the way to his car.

            “I was walking to my car after checking out for the night and I came around the corner to find a group of about a dozen people, or more I couldn’t tell, just waiting on either side of the sidewalk. I didn’t know what they wanted or why they were there, it’s the kind of moment that you wonder ‘am I going to be beaten?’ or ‘what do they want?’ Really it’s the kind of scene you can only picture in horror movies. But when I walked by first one person coughed right on me as they leaned forward and then another one did it and then eventually they were all doing it. No one touched me, but I was covered in spittle by the time I reached my car.”

            The group of people were easily identified by Ed as each one of them turned out to belong to various protest groups that had caused trouble and been arrested within the past two years. They were booked for assault with malicious intent as several of them stated that they hoped Ed contracted the virus now and died miserably since he was an ‘old, withered husk’ as one of them stated. Ed, who covered a report on the media hype and how COVID-19 has been blown out of proportion, does have reason to worry apparently since he’s well into his 60’s and has had asthma for most of his life, though at this time he is still in good health and feeling fine.

@coughnturn56 tweeted:

            That’s got to be one of the strangest assault cases to ever go on record….people are too lazy to even beat another person down these days….

@dragitoveroh43 tweeted:

            Because this is what you do when you already have a record, you cause more trouble….idiots.

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