In An Election Season Rampant With Mistrust, Both Democrats And Republicans  Fall For Conspiracy Theories

Austin, TX

            It’s been two days since Laura Moon decided to research the real reasons behind why the Senate decided to delay and possibly stymie the stimulus bill that was proposed to help Americans that are feeling the pinch thanks to the coronavirus. The reporter for the Austin Letterhead, a popular publication within the city, was following up on a lead she’d taken note of concerning the reasons being given as to why Democrats stood firmly against the stimulus package, but according to her editor she hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

            “It’s not like Laura to just not call in,” said editor in chief Davis Roan, “Normally if she finds anything interesting for an article she can be gone for two or three days at time depending on where the lead takes her, but she always finds a way to stay in contact, be it the phone or the email. Even if she was in a spot with no service she’d find her way back and let me know she’s alright and is following up on a lead. All I have to go on at the moment is that she said she was heading out to Dallas to speak to a source concerning the stimulus package, and she hasn’t gotten back to me since.”

            Police have been searching for Moon for nearly a day and haven’t found any sign of her, claiming that it’s as though she ‘fell off the face of the earth’. There is no trace, no records showing that she rented or departed from any nearby motel, and even her car has gone missing, its GPS tracking device having gone dark less than a day into her trip. Some suspect foul play, but police are confident that they will find her eventually. In the meantime, the source that Moon apparently found has vanished without any trace, leading some to believe that there never was a source in the first place. There will be more on this story as it develops.


            Hopefully this won’t be another Epstein.


            See? That stuff in the movies isn’t all garbage.

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