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Tallahassee, FL

            Internet challenges are nothing new to anyone these days as many individuals have gone online to perform a variety of challenges such as eating Tide pods, snorting condoms through their nose and into their mouth, the infamous ice and salt challenge, and many more. One internet influencer however thought it would be a particularly fun and engaging time to take the detergent-based games to a new level by having a party that she would film in its entirety to entertain the masses and so that she could create another epic challenge. Gianna Dumsky, the daughter of a Cuban immigrants and a 24-old college dropout, turned influencer only a few years back and has since been doing just about anything to boost her number of followers, which stands at around 4 million after the current debacle.

            “I am so sorry to the families of the deceased,” Gianna said on a video following the party, “I wanted this party to be something that people would be talking about for years to come, but not like this. I take most of the responsibility for this since I did warn people what we were doing and not to overdo it since detergent isn’t meant for massive consumption as the unfortunate deceased accidentally took. But I am sorry, and I can’t undo this no matter how much I’d like to.”

            Gianna’s less than heartfelt response to the deaths of three of her partygoers, all who were, as witnesses attest, spurred on by the influencer and many others at the party, did result in police being called by the families only a day later. The influencer was eventually charged with involuntary manslaughter due to criminal negligence and is currently behind held while awaiting her court date. While Gianna’s attorney has said that she did attempt to warn the partygoers of the dangers of snorting detergent in the first place there are plenty of videos that show Gianna actively encouraging the goading that led to the deaths of three people.

@jerseykersey64 tweeted:

            She’ll probably get encouragement to do something too once she’s in prison….doubt it’ll be that fun though….

@hoyasgoy09 tweeted:

            Everyone’s sorry after the fact, but some people just gotta add a little backhand to that apology.

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