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Tacoma, WA

            Most divorce proceedings are quiet affairs that people want to see over and done with as soon as possible given the circumstances. When a video that was posted by Gwen Howenwy went viral however her divorce from husband Wyatt became a media circus as social media exploded thanks to what was seen and heard in the clip.

            While the video was not a part of the divorce proceedings, it has still been widely seen to work firmly against Wyatt, who has been working to keep from paying too much to Gwen, who is entitled to very little as the couple did sign a pre-nuptial agreement before getting married, thus allowing Wyatt to hold onto the small fortune he’d amassed before meeting Gwen. In a matter of public opinion however the video clip has caused many people to argue that not only was Wyatt abusive to Gwen due to her weight, but he was verbally and emotionally offensive to Gwen as well.

            “The video is of me pulling a prank on my wife by shooting her in the butt and pretty much anywhere else with various Nerf guns that we own,” Wyatt admitted, “I don’t see how that’s a hate crime, but she put a disclaimer on the video telling everyone that I would make fun of her flab and then mock and ridicule her horribly by simulating killing her each time I turned a Nerf gun on her. I’m serious man, I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried. It’s funny though the pranks she pulled on me, which I deserved, never made it onto the internet. Control the narrative and you control the mob I guess.”

            Thanks to Gwen’s opening statement in the video, delivered in a quavering voice near to tears no less, Wyatt has been receiving mass amounts of hate emails and even a couple of death threats in the past few weeks.

@gerlebebe42 tweeted:

            I think there’s a word for that kind of hate crime….it’s called ‘foreplay’….

@geniewinkwink5 tweeted:

            It could have been worse, he could have used a super soaker filled with Slimfast…..

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