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            Third-wave feminism has become a reality in the past decade and more that has been seen by some to be a solution that women need, while it’s also been viewed as a mounting problem that simply won’t go away. While many feminists will agree that men are still needed and that not every individual male is a problem, there are plenty, such as Alexandra D. Icklouvre, that believe that the iniquities of the world begin and end with men.

            “We don’t want to be equal to men, because that means we’d be pigs rooting in the mud like nitwits while calling to our significant others to get us a sandwich or whining about how feminism isn’t fair and we’d be better off if we were back in the old days. Men today don’t understand that it’s by their systematic rule, the patriarchy in other words, that the world is slowly descending into the shit pile that they’ve created. Women don’t act like men, we don’t think like men, and we definitely don’t mess things up like men. It’s time for men to step aside and experience what women have for so long. I would gladly have men experience childbirth if it were possible, but for now I’d be satisfied with men just taking the passenger seat and let the real masters of the universe take over.”

            Despite her strong and continuing rhetoric it would seem that Alexandra has been outed by several photos that have surfaced on her Instagram account as of late. These photos not only show her busily cooking dinner for her family, who are all male as she has a husband and three sons, but also claiming that she loves her men and doesn’t know what she would do without them. While the statements are fairly innocent and expected of a mother, Alexandra has faced a great deal of backlash thanks to her previous words condemning ‘all’ men. As she was heard to say following this outing:

            “I don’t feel that I have to explain myself to anyone, as my men, my husband and my boys, know their place in life and know that one day they will have to give way to strong women. They know to stay in their lane and that I will always love them, but that they still need to give way.”

            Not too long after these words it was announced, by her husband no less, that he had filed for a divorce, citing personal issues that could not be reconciled.

@gawdammn3 tweeted:

            Do hardcore feminists think when they speak? Or do they just open their mouths and hope that something intelligent will come out?

@justwhat465 tweeted:

            She talked herself right out of a marriage…maybe the guy should send her a thank you card when it’s all over and done with.

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