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Los Angeles, CA

            The current pandemic that is affecting the nation has forced a large number of people indoors, but it hasn’t convinced every individual of the need to practice social distancing. Only a day ago several local Los Angeles teens decided to pull a prank as they made themselves up as zombies, using realistic movie-quality makeup and ragged clothing to make themselves appear even more fearsome as they wandered down the sidewalks of downtown LA. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the best idea as a few overly concerned citizens took matters into their own hands, creating a ruckus that ended with two of the teens being hospitalized. The teens cried out that they weren’t real when the first one of them dropped, but the warning was too late to avoid the second serious injury as one of their number was struck in the head with a metal pipe.

            At the moment the two injured teens are currently in serious condition and are being cared for at the Good Samaritan Hospital. The parents of the teens have attempted to file criminal charges against those that assaulted their children, but as of yet the officers that responded to this disturbance have not been able to apprehend those responsible.

            “I don’t know what those kids were thinking,” said Mabel Preech, an LA resident, “With this virus going around you’d think that the last thing that people would want to do is scare folks that are already scared out of their wits. Dressing up like zombies wasn’t a good idea to have, let alone try to push. I hope those kids are okay, but it was stupid no matter what anyone says.”

            At this time the parents of the teens have refused to comment, leaving many to think that they’ve finally heard the whole story and are embarrassed to defend their children at this time. Of course, it could be that they simply don’t want to speak to anyone as well.

@jammajim35 tweeted:

            Those kids are damn lucky someone around them didn’t have a knife or a crossbow, what a dumb thing to do during a pandemic!

@dippidigga90 tweeted:

            I’m all for a good bit of humor, but maybe when there’s no deadly virus that’s the focus of everyone on the planet. I’d rather not have the last sound I hear be the crossbow bolt that’s aiming for my skull….

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