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Gig Harbor, WA

            The idea of being incarcerated has become blurred throughout the years as the rights of the inmates has come into focus on a bigger scale. At the Washington Corrections Center for Women in Gig Harbor it’s become apparent that some inmates believe that they’re not being treated all that well given that the guards have been, per usual according to the inmates, verbally abusive for years even if they haven’t been physically abusive.

            “They shout at us when we do something wrong, they call us names when we talk back. They call it insolence, but I know that guys wouldn’t get told this and their punishments wouldn’t be half as bad ours. We can get time in the hole just for getting an extra bite to eat from the mess hall, or talking back to the guards. What kind of shit is that?”

            The speaker in question, Maybeth Addams, is currently attempting to file a lawsuit against one of the female guards that has been assigned to her pod as well as two others. Part of a ten-person team, Guard Michelle Donfaizme is described as being a black woman with a chip on her shoulder by many inmates. However, she’s been described as a very dutiful guard that is rough on the inmates when she needs to be and is otherwise as by the book as possible most times. As one of the guards with more than ten years under her belt in corrections she’s one of those that the other guards turn to for advice when it’s needed, and will defer to in most situations.

            “The more you listen to the inmates the more their stories are apt to change,” said one guard, a man assigned to Michelle’s unit, “They say we shout at them, we verbally abuse them, and that we even spit on them occasionally and call it an accident. We’re here to do our job, and the whole ‘ugly’ incident between the guard and this inmate is a farce really since the inmate did get under Michelle’s skin just a bit, but thankfully she kept herself from throttling the woman when the inmate tossed a soggy roll of toilet paper at her in defiance. You probably won’t hear about that part in a lot of articles, so I hope it makes it into this one.”

            Addams’ lawsuit is currently floundering in light of new evidence that has been brought to the attention of those she’s been attempting to contact, and as of now it would appear that it has been put on hold.

@yayado343 tweeted:

            You’re being treated like prisoners in prison???? Oh perish the thought!! Get over yourselves and do your time….

@tibbitygibbi454 tweeted:

            Someone tosses a soggy roll of toilet paper at me they’d be eating that damned thing. No, I could never be a guard, I’d be like a cross between Nurse Ratched and the guy from Shawshank Redemption.

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