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Albany, NY

            Following the fanfare with Quaden Bayles on social media one father is demanding that his bullied son receive the same treatment that the young boy was given after posting his own son’s case to social media as well. The reaction has thus far been anything but positive as his teen has been called a ‘drama queen’ a ‘nobody’ and many other horrendous names that those who have grown tired of hearing about bullied children were willing to lob at him. Edward Dornok, the father of William Dornok, has documented the bullying his child has gone through this past year as an elementary student, and details it below:

            “I’m not even sure why my kid gets bullied. He plays sports, he’s nice to others, and he doesn’t pick on people smaller than him. We’re not rich, but we’re not so poor we can’t afford nice clothes for him. I know he’s kind of quiet but he’s a good kid and doesn’t deserve this. Then I see photos and videos of this little snot whose claim to fame is that he’s been bullied relentlessly and was then given wide media attention and money that his family ‘turned down’ on top of being known worldwide and being given all the sympathy in the world. What about the other kids that are bullied? What do they get, besides an adult saying that ‘we’ll be implementing new ideas to stop bullying’? That doesn’t work! It never has, so why in the world can’t a GoFundMe account be set up for my kid or any other kid that’s been bullied?”

            Edward’s word have struck a nerve with many people, but his attempt at creating a GoFundMe account have been blocked at every turn thus far as it’s been deemed that his attempt is somehow not in compliance with the company’s standards. Several people have spoken up about this, but thus far no one has opened another account to help out.

            “I’m all for getting rid of bullying,” said Eve Dornok, William’s mother, “But I want our son to learn how to stand up for himself as well, and money’s not going to do that. What people need to do is stop letting their kids being the victim and asking for a handout to make their lives easier.”

@halloooo tweeted:

            GoFundMe is probably one of the worst ideas to ever come across the internet. Need money? Not going to work your ass off to get it? Ask for donations from hardworking individuals who are glad to support your lazy butt!

@secretsecretes43 tweeted:             Quaden Bayles is a scam artist like his mom, he’s following in her footsteps, or her guidance, whatever the case. Don’t be another Quaden

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