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“Whatsa matter Larry? Your ghost gettin’ the best of you again?”

Larry didn’t even acknowledge his fellow detective Gil Diggerd, especially since he was here to offer commentary and little else. The detective had been assigned to this case to help out, but about the only thing he ever did was crack jokes and ride Larry’s ass for not believing that there was a practical solution to the rash of murders that had been going on for the past few months. Much as he could see, the two sad sacks lying on the ground, one white and one a person of color, had suffered a heart attack like many of the other victims. The only thing that every victim had in common, besides the manner of death, was that they’d been doing something questionable before their deaths. These two had been robbing a store obviously, another couple of guys had been trying to break into a home, a woman that had been found face-down in the gutter had apparently just killed and dumped her infant in a nearby trash can, and a nineteen-year old that had just beaten an elderly citizen had been discovered in a row of hedges not long after his passing.

“If he is, he’s getting the best of both of us. But you keep buying into that new strain of COVID bullshit if you want.”

Larry just laughed, like he always did, before walking off to talk to the ME again. Which left Larry to figure out the details of the case…again.


He almost felt sorry as he looked over the scene that he’d created. The laughing detective was an ass, but he wasn’t guilty of anything else. That wasn’t enough to deal with him in a final manner. But he could feel some sympathy for the other detective. It wasn’t enough to keep from finding another individual to judge, but was there all the same.

With one final glance at the man that had been assigned to his tales of justice, the spirit moved on. The Rose City had plenty of people waiting to be judged.

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