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Salt Lake City, UT

            It’s hard to deny that getting a job can be rough, as many people across the country have found at certain times in history. Even in the current era there are moments when finding employment can be rough, especially when first appearances are so important. That’s usually when the decision to tattoo one’s face with the semblance of an animal or any type of off-putting image tends to be seen as a bad idea. Terry Clothe, a former bouncer and admitted gang member has fully admitted that the facial tattoo he received years ago was, in hindsight, a bad idea. However he still can’t understand how people can’t look past the snarling visage of a tiger to the man beneath.

            “I mean I’m still human, I’m not a freak or anything, and my work would speak for itself if people would give me a chance,” said Terry during an interview, “I’m pretty up front about my past, and I know that turns some people off, but I know I’m kind of scary too, maybe intimidating even when people see me, so maybe they can’t get over their own fears of trying to just see me for me. I’m a decent guy, I’ve just done some stupid and kind of mean stuff over the years is all.”

            When speaking to his parole officer and friends it was discovered however that Terry, as both a bouncer and a notorious street thug in his neighborhood several years ago, has a record that doesn’t back up his words. Several felony arrests, many of which were overturned on technical grounds, show up on his record, a fact that, unfortunately for Terry, still doesn’t make him an appeasing candidate for many employers. While it’s been asked if he’s applied for labor positions Terry had this to say:

            “Man I’m not some joe schmoe wanting to bust my ass for chump change. I want a good job so I can afford child support and take care of my kids and be successful and stuff. I don’t want to be looked at as some criminal that has to take on a labor job because there’s nothing else.”

            At this time Terry has applied for several prestigious positions around Salt Lake City, but has continued to show a great disdain even for those in the labor industry that have reached out to him with job offers.

@gillygool345 tweeted:

            People have offered you a job and you call it chump change? Well listen here…CHUMP…it’s time you CHANGE your mind, since I’m a laborer and I make enough to buy and sell your dumb ass…I mean it’s only a penny an IQ point right? Here’s a dollar, I’d like change please….

@gollyohmolly tweeted:

            Your work obviously DOES speak for itself….Joe Schmoe…..

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