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A real friend is something that a lot of us miss the point of at times, and it’s okay since a real friend won’t take this personally, at least until you take advantage of them without realizing it. Some people might have a lot of friends throughout their lives, buddies, compadres, their boys, their girls, and any other variety of names that a person wants to use to describe their inner circle. But you’ll only ever have a few trusted friends that would be there for you through thick and thin. Real friends are those that would cross speeding traffic if you were lying broken and bleeding on the other side.

Keep in mind, a real friend won’t always be there when you ask, and they’ll likely sacrifice when they can, not simply because you requested or even needed it. Real friends aren’t sycophants, they don’t generally give up their own life for anyone unless they feel the need. Nope, a best friend is someone you can laugh with, someone you can joke with, cry with, experience life with, and if you’re lucky, you can grow old with. A real friend values your life, but they value theirs as well, and will tell you no when they have to. They will tell you what you need to hear, which might not always be what you want to hear. A best friend is about as close as a sibling, and sometimes closer, because they believe in you, they know what you’re capable of, and they know that you’re worth their time.

So what do you mean to your best friend? Do they know that you feel the same about them? Do they know that you’d be there if you could every time they need you? The trick of being a best friend is to value each other in the same way, to know that there are limitations to friendship, be they emotional, geographical, or otherwise. But to be a real friend, a best friend, is to know that this person has touched your life in a way that no one else can, and to hope that you’ve done the same for them. Best friends aren’t always unconditional, but they’re almost always forever, no matter how much time or space lies between you and them. If they’ve touched your life in some fundamental way, then they’ve done their job.

I’ve got a best friend. Do you?

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