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I’d hate to say all liberals suffer from short-term memory loss but perhaps just stating that Whoopi Goldberg is slipping is enough considering that Hilary Clinton DID piss and moan about the election, Democrats DIDN’T ‘suck it up’, and if you’re wanting conservatives to emulate what liberals were all about for the past four years then it’s time to bend over and get ready for the show. Quite honestly any liberal stating that they ‘sucked it up’ is kind of funny since as bad as Donald Trump could be, the liberals were out to prove that they could be even worse, and it wasn’t even close, the liberals won when it came to the level of pettiness that was unveiled in the last four years.

I get it, Biden won, he’s our president. See how that works? When an election occurs and one person wins, you calmly state that that person is in fact our president, OUR president, not just one side or another’s president, but the leader of OUR nation. Sure, Joe and Kamala are kind of a hard pair to get used to and some us probably won’t since we can see a whole lot of bad coming if they get to have their way consistently. But for four years people were worried that Nazis were running the country, and yet the country is still here, it’s still diverse, and the only ones tearing it down have been the folks that can’t see past their own skin color or that of any other person’s.

So no one is worried about a child-sniffing, voter-heckling, sentence stumbling, flip-flopping old man that actually asked a woman that openly roasted him on live TV as our leader? Okay, we’ll see where the next four years takes us, and then we’ll talk. But liberals, if you’re wanting conservatives to ‘suck it up’ like you did, then get ready for four years of hell. Otherwise, if they disregard your advice and just get back to life as it usually is, things will actually quiet down a bit. Gee, go figure that.

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