Donald Trump denies mocking reporter with disability | CTV News

I get it, people are bothered by Trump, he’s a crass and sometimes very crude individual, and he doesn’t conform to what people want. But the thing is, he WON the election in 2016, so for all those saying that ‘He’s not MY president’, that statement is only accurate if you’re not an American, since otherwise, yes, yes he is. If he’s still going to be when the election is over and done with is hard to say, but up until that point, YES, he is IS YOUR president.

Creepy Joe Biden - YouTube

But the fact that stuff like this doesn’t creep people out and is dropped the moment that people don’t want to talk about it is beyond disturbing. Not only this, but the fact remains that Biden is a result of the ‘vote blue no matter who’ initiative that Democrats believe to be such a good idea. So congratulations if he wins, you’ll have elected a creepy old, hair-sniffing hand puppet of a president that’s openly groped people in front of cameras and openly admitted to a quid pro quo that his people have been actively trying to rework in his favor.

And if he is elected, then yes, he IS the president, YOURS, MINE, OURS. See how that works? even if the person you don’t want manages to get elected, they’re still YOUR president. But as Democrats are fond of saying, we, as Americans, don’t always make the right choice.

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