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Bigguy was the first to go, but Gonna wasn’t too far behind. Her hand swelled up to two or three times its normal size only days later, and the smell coming from it was horrible. We’d known something about infection, but we were too young when our grownups stopped working and didn’t know enough about it to stop it from killing Gonna. We couldn’t do anything for her after a couple of days after we noticed the black stuff coming from the marks in her hand. Black lines extended from her hand all the way to her elbow at one point, and when she could no longer walk we had to argue over whether we could carry her or if we would leave her behind. Bigguy wanted to carry her, but he wasn’t big enough to carry Gonna for that long. He still argued, he still told us that he could make it, that she wasn’t that heavy.

When she threw up on him though, Bigguy got mad and dropped her. That’s when we heard something crack, but it wasn’t a branch or anything since we had made our way out of the trees at that time, what few had still been standing around our cave. I forgot to tell you, the lands around our cave looked like they had suffered a huge fire, with only blacks and grays to be seen. There were a few green bushes here and there, but their leaves didn’t taste good to eat and they didn’t offer a lot of places to hide from the big, shaggy dogs with sharp teeth. I think the old man called them wolves, and damn are they mean. They’re hungry is what Gonna told us before she was unable to talk anymore. I think she’s right, but I don’t want to know just how hungry they are.

We left Gonna behind finally, and when we did she was sleeping, as far as I can tell. Bigguy wasn’t happy about leaving her, but we didn’t say anything to him, otherwise he would get mad at us. But when we were far enough away we heard a loud, very scary scream, and Bigguy almost went back, but the scream stopped.

“That means she’s dead,” Sure-Sure had said, “We need to walk, or we’ll be dead next.”

She was right about that, since Bigguy was the next to go.

(to be continued)

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